RORKey is a decentralized Register of Reputation powered by blockchain technology, allowing anyone to store the proof of any digital content associated to their identity. Users in the RORKey ecosystem will obtain a unique Digital Identity linked to a personal Public Key on the Blockchain. RORKey will allow anyone to be unequivocally addressed in, and personally reply to, any content on the web, especially on unregulated platforms like social media and blogs. The Digital Identities are linked to written references to the users, who will be able to reply directly. With the help and contribution of the Community, RoRKey creates a legitimate, real and genuine ecosystem centred on reputation. For more information visit RORKey website.

BrightNode provides the following professional services during the pre-ICO and ICO phase:

  • Company set-up of RORKey Sagl, including incorporation in Switzerland, opening of corporate bank accounts.
  • White Paper review
  • Modeling of the four phases tokenomics: token functionality, token distribution, token governance and token workflow.
  • Exchange listing services: analysis and identification of an advisable exchange where to issue the RORK token.
  • Marketing strategy and activity planning, in particular focusing on social media presence and community management as well as Bounty campaign set up.
  • Legal support and compliance activities for the Swiss legal framework.
  • KYC/AML services (partnering with StudioPhi) for ICO contributors.

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