Strategic Consulting

  • Value proposition design and validation: we will review and help you validate your proposition. Through our expertise and our in-depth analyses, we will help you clarify a great starting point for your company.
  • Strategy Design: After clarifying your value proposition we will assist you in crafting the best strategy possible to realise your vision. In this phase, we will also go through an in-depth market and competitor analysis in order to understand how to best position your company.
  • PoC/MVP Design: While crafting the strategy together we will work with you in an iterative fashion to help deliver a PoC of your offer that will help realise your strategy by connecting you with investors and clients.
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution (incl. Social Media Campaigns): Finally, once the general strategy and the PoC are completed, we will assist you in effectively communicating with your future customers and investors. We can translate documents in several languages, perform community management actitivies, organise events, google adwords campaigns,...

Financial Services

  • Tailor-Made capital raising solutions: According to your unique business model and company structure we will engineer a tailor-made financial product that will help you go through early-stage funding rounds.
  • Financial Modeling / Tokenomics: In this step we will translate your strategy and value proposition into numbers. This phase includes tokenomics design including: functionality, quantity, governance, distribution and workflow. Furthermore the strength of the business model will be tested by performing financial forecasts.


  • Establishment of Bank relationships: through our network we can ease the opening of a banking relationship either in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
  • Entry into the Swiss Market: For foreign companies in addition to opening a bank account we will help you to incorporate your operation in Switzerland in the form you prefer (Inc., LLC, foundation, …)
  • Client Onboarding (KYC/AML): using a tailor made platform and with the help of our partner StudioPhi (SRO compliant) we provide one of the most complete and legally sound KYC/AML services.
  • Advanced Compliance solutions: Thanks to our partner JayBee we can tackle even the most advanced compliance issues


  • Blockchain Education Courses
  • Focused Workshops
  • Inhouse training workshops

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Contact Us


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