A Security Token Offering is defined as a sale of tokens that represent a digitalised security that can be exchanged.

They are an innovative way that will replace the traditional issue, management, exchange processes of financial instruments. Rights that were previously enforced solely through written documents can be embedded and subsequently automated thanks to security tokens. Furthermore, through blockchain technology and smart contracts it is possible to enforce those rights directly without going through financial intermediaries, thus reducing costs.

Tokens are quicker and more efficient to exchange, potentially making it easier to create a secondary market effectively bringing liquidity to a given asset.

Waiting for a maturation of technical standards and a greater diffusion of the regulation of the STOs, in many countries it is already possible to realize an offer of these tokens, while for the secondary market it will be necessary more time for a worldwide adoption. The market is still in its early stages and there’s little clarity about technical and legal standards. However in several countries it is already possible to successfully conduct primary market offerings, whilst more time will be needed to achieve efficient secondary markets.

The process is structured in the five following steps:

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BrightNode guides the company interested in issuing, selling and exchanging security tokens, through the phases that go from strategic choices, to the selection of the best suppliers, technology and platforms. From the preparation of the primary market to the final objective of having a secondary market with sufficient liquidity for token trading.

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